Driving to Gamboa
from the Tocumen International Airport

Updated   Oct 21 2019
Departing from the airport reset your trip odometer to cero once you leave the airport premises
once you are on the Via Domingo Diaz highway follow the
This main road will lead you to Panama City.  The construction of the overhead way for the
Metro Subway System is on its way on this highway.  Please drive carefully  Using a GPS,  GOOGLE MAPS
or WAZE  mobile applications  will help your driving to Gamboa
by searching Ivan´s Bed & Breakfast, Gamboa

Do not use the Corredor Sur  Tollway  exiting the Tocumen Airport

At the 17 Km mark  you will be driving on the Tumba Muerto Highway by or near the KIA auto dealer and
following a huge department store call DISCOVERY CENTER and you will note there is an overpass road right in
front of you,  keep your right hand side which will lead you to a right turn exit that leads to CENTENARIO / PATACON.    

Once in Centenario highway within the next kilometer you will drive by the Centenial Shopping Mall  with Rey huge sign
which is a REY supermarket  and  ARROCHA sign with is a big drugstore chain and thereafter at your right hand side  a PUMA
gas station  always stay straight ahead heading to the Centenario highway also called Autopista Panama / Arraijan.

Avoid  access to  the Corredor Norte  Tollway  at this point !

After passing an uphill and downhill winding road you will find  the Rod Carrew Baseball Stadium at your right hand
and  your will be heading west for 9.6 Km / aproximately  10  minutes drive under normal traffic conditions at 90/100Km
until you reach the Gamboa / Paraiso exit  to your right just before the Centenary Bridge   At this exit you will also see a
sign that reads a SUMMIT.

Please note that the Gamboa / Paraiso road sign was removed by an accident  and currently reads SUMMIT  Here, just
before the Centennial Bridge over the Panama Canal you need to keep  right and take the exit .  If you miss
this exit there is a return ( retorno ) at your right hand just as you drive off the Centennial Bridge  over the Panama CanaL  as you
drive back off the bridge again lock out for the Gamboa sign at your right side and take the exit.

Follow the Gamboa sign by driving on the right side of the exit  you will need to
drive 2.8  Km  aproximately  3  minutes until you find  a small overhead railway  tunnel following  a left hand turn which
will lead you to Gamboa  driving  9.3 Km  aprox 8  minutes.    Once  you cross the new Gamboa bridge use the Gamboa Town
Map that you can print and will lead you to reach us.

If your having difficulties stop  a Police car for assistance and  they will  gladly lead you to
the Town of Gamboa.

DriDriving to Gamboa from Panama City / Albrook Area
Road  Constructions and traffic delays will be found in this route
Using a GPS,  GOOGLE MAPS or WAZE  mobile applications
will help your driving to Gamboaa by searching Ivan´s Bed & Breakfast, Gamboa

You will need to reach the Omar Torrijos Highway and the Gelabert International Airport ( old Albrook Airport) or near Albrook Mall
from this local airport you will need to drive north on the Omar Torrijos Highway aprox 15  Km until you reach the Panama Canal Pedro
Miguel Locks  and  the town of Paraiso  from this point stay straight ahead Follow the Gamboa sign     after passing overhead highway  you
will need to drive 2.4 Km  aprox 3  minutes until you find  a small overhead  railway  tunnel and a left hand turn which will leads you to
After driving 9.3 Km  aprox  8 minutes to  reach the new Gamboa bridge

Use the Gamboa Town Map which your will find bellow to reach us.
Contact us at

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