Altos del Maria

located at 2000 Feet above sea level  in a bird rich area  just bellow the cloud forest surrounding the Maria River Valley } and only 1 hour and 30 minutes
drive  from Panama City,
a superb  efficiency apartment  located in the ground level of this newly build house owned by  birder Alfred & Brigette Raab, fully equipped to include 1
queen size  bed, kitchenette, stove, fridge, ,overhead fan,  private bath with hot water, internet,
washer /dryer  fully independent access with an exclusive  birding observation deck overlooking the Maria River Valley , just a great place for birding .
Backyard  Bird list compliments of  AntBird Tours with  Dr Charles Clarkson   Phd
Avian taxonomy is updated according to the 58st supplement to the American ornithologist´ Union Checklist of the American Birds.
The Republic of Panama has 1010 bird species as of May 2019  based on Audubon Panama registry  & Global Big Day bird Count  for 2019
over 300 species are found in Central Panama and Gamboa and more than
138 bird species have been spotted and accounted for  in our backyard bird list which includes a 50 Mts  perimetrical area from our lodge.
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Our  birdwatching tours are  guided by  some of the most experienced independent birding guides  and all
birding tours are specially tailored  to fit your needs and requirements

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Central Panama Bird  List 2018
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Our mentor Bob Ridgely & my wife Gladys at the
Panama RaiforestDisovery Center
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